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Far Mountain – An Introduction

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Meet Rodrigo Soto and Mai Errazuriz, and learn about the inspiration behind Far Mountain.

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    Far Mountain

    Far Mountain Fission Cabernet Sauvignon

    Sonoma Valley, Sonoma County, California

    Fission is a wine of texture, with the intensity and concentration we associate with old vines. It builds into powerful tannins that remain refined, almost cloaked by the seductiveness of the fruit and the gently building structure. The name Fission was ultimately chosen to reference the textural and mineral characteristics that the unique volcanic soil brings to this wine.

    Far Mountain

    Far Mountain Myrna Chardonnay

    Sonoma Valley, Sonoma County, California

    Myrna combines Bald Mountain’s surprisingly delicate floral notes that move quickly to ripe yellow and more exotic fruits with salty, lime and green fruit-inflected notes from Thornton Vineyard. The sappy texture of the wine makes its presence felt, and this grows into a more defined and powerful structure with layers of spice persisting through the finish.

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    Far Mountain

    Sonoma Valley/Moon Mountain, California

    Far Mountain is based on the belief that some of the greatest potential for wine in California - and anywhere in the world - exists in remote pockets in the mountains of the Sonoma Valley. The growers they work with have taken decades of risks in both planting their vineyards and the farming choices they make today.  The winery's work is to channel the drama of these surroundings into wines that dazzle with energy and stand out immediately. Wines that bring a sheer pleasure in their flavors and textures, as well as unfold slowly, with never ending detail and fascination. It is a specific vision, literally chiselled by the landscape.